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The July 18th Tax Proposlas - Simplified

Screw IT! Let's go work for the government (July 18th Tax Proposals)

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I am a Partner in an accounting firm and I am on vacation… I thought.

I am visiting my In-Laws in Toronto and if only I could say this was in fact vacation. The reality is that my In-Laws took my two kids to the Zoo so that I can catch up on the hundreds of emails and various files I need to get done.

Will new Tax Proposals Force your Family Business to Sell?

Allen* comes in to the office and says that he needs to sell the family business because his siblings want better returns then he can provide under the new proposed Liberal tax rules. This is truly a shame and has led to another local community supporting family businesses trying to sell.

CANADA BUDGET 2017 - A Continued Attack on Wealth Creators

From the Speech by the Finance Minister

Five Biggest RRSP Mistakes

It is RRSP time of year again. We have until March 1, 2017 to make our annual RRSP contributions to our 2016 RRSPs. Most investment advisors will be knocking on your door saying that it is time to contribute to your RRSP. An RRSP is great for advisors as they lock in capital for investing and it can give a large tax refund that can increase your investments. Here are the five biggest mistakes I see people make with RRSP contributions.

Mistake 1 Taking the deduction in the same year as contribution


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