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Careful of the CEBA Expansion

On December 4th the terms of the CEBA loan expnasion were released. As a reminder, the original loan was $40,000 for eligible businesses with 25% being forgivable if paid back by the end of 2022. Many businesses applied for the loan as the eligibility criteria was broad. The eligibility has stayed broad since the begining and has expanded (see here for eligibility rules - , but the uses of funds has narrowed under the new loan agreements.

What is New - 2019 Canada Tax Season

Here is our 2019 Tax Season What Is New Summary.

What is New - US 2019 Tax Season

Every year we update our clients on changes to expect for the 2019 tax season - so this year we thought we would share it with the world.

Changes to US Taxes for Individuals in 2019

Dec 13 Tax Proposals - When Tax Planning Challenges Good Family Business Continuity Planning

Dec 13 Tax Proposals - Why Exclude Passive Investment Companies? (Something is Fishy!)

Originally Published on LinkedIN -

There are already commentaries coming out on the new rules which I think are very valuable (and I will write one shortly) but I wanted to write my first one focused on what I find to be a 'weird' exclusion in the rules that makes me concerned about the upcoming passive investment rules that are expected to be released in Budget 2018.


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