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Underused Housing Tax

As of December 31, 2022, a tax of 1% will apply to the value of any residential property that is considered underused and owned by an affected owner.

If you own the property in a clear and direct ownership structure (ie. it is in your name for your use) and are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, the filing requirement will likely NOT apply to you.

Federal Budget 2022

Key Points: 


  • No Capital Gains Tax Increase or Change to Principal Residence Exemption
  • No tax rate changes for individuals

Personal Tax Impacts

COVID Tax Programs - February 2021 Update

COVID 19 TAX UPDATE - February 2021

A Note On Bookkeeping and COVID Programs for Business

2020 Work From Home

Did you work from home during 2020? New for 2020 there are temporary changes for Work From Home Claims

Here is what you need to know 

Are you an Employer? The new form T2200S will need to be certified and signed for your employees if they were required to work from home due to COVID-19. (

Year End Checklist - 2020 (Business Owners)

What a year to be in business - from the various loans, subsidies and grants - to the constant unpredictabilty of government shut downs, reopenings and the constantly changing and hard to predict customer needs. As 2020 rolls out here are some tips to consider.


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